1 min readNov 18, 2023


  • Maska Officially Sets Sail: $10 Million MSK Airdrop and 400 Whitelist Slots Campaign Now Launched.

What is MASKA ?

  • Maska is a Web3-based SocialFi ecosystem that aims to make Web3 social networking easier and more fun. Maska is also the first SocialFi platform on BNB Chain.

Champaign !

The 10 Million $MSK Airdrops and 400 Whitelist Slots Campaign.

Task Flow
First, Click the https://www.maska.social/sign-up?inviteCode=mem_clp33ow9x07mn0ss27zeubbh6
follow the requirements to complete the sign-up.

Then, after completing the sign-up, go to your profile page.

You will earn 1 point every time someone successfully signs up through your referral link. The top 400 participants will receive a whitelist for the Maska presale.

Note: To ensure the fairness of the campaign, we prohibit all irregular referrals.

Event date: November 15, 6 a.m. to November 22, 6 a.m. (UTC)

Discord Link :


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Do your best and LFG !